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Carding a fleece to spin

So this week I have begun a process to wash clean and card up 4 Ouessant Fleeces for a client. I do have various videos on this topic on...

May Batty Club

This month was South American wool with Yak down in a lovely mermaid tones. In celebration of reaching 207 subscribers on my channel to...

March Batty Club

First video for a while but it’s a lovely freestyle blending for this months subscription

Part 3 SWAG Along

Today’s YouTube live chat. I would love to see more chat contributors if you prefer and evening chat please let me know in my comments...

SWAG Along Part 2

Live chat on YouTube yesterday is now available to watch on Wooliecottage fibre Shop. I was taking about the fibres I was blending and my...

January Batty Club

This weeks video is LONK for January batty clubs, when blending with a colour inspired theme in mind.

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