Eirinn's Journey

Recently I bought a lovely little antique style flax spinner. The moment I saw her i fell in love, when I went to collect her from a seaside settlement of waterfront Bungalows in Nethertown Nr Whitehaven Cumbria she was stood proudly on a table tiny little wheel with such potential to teach me new skills in spinning.

I am now on a quest to find out a little more about where she came from and who made her.

I know that the Dutch lady I bought EIRINN from bought her at a antique fair in Heukelum ( near Leerdam) Holland in 1991, and was brought over to the live in a Georgina Town House in Whitehaven in 1997 as a ornament never used as a working wheel.

I have had contact from a lady in Norfolk who owns a identical wheel but knows nothing about its origin. And another lady I. America contacted me after my posting on Instagram that she to has a identical wheel, and she had never seen another untill I posted pictures of EIRINN. The American lady told me her mother bought her wheel back in 1989 brand new from a shop in Germany.

So far it's looking like it's a modern made wheel based on a traditional wood craft pattern/style.

Soo she needs some love and I want to share my journey with you to getting her working again

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